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Paige Bautz


Meet Paige

My name is Paige and I am a proud solo caregiver to my daughter, Presley.

In 2018, after finishing a month of intake therapy for eating disorders, I became pregnant unexpectedly as a single woman. In 2019, my daughter was born premature and we spent 7 weeks in the NICU at Jim Pattison Children's Hospital. In 2020, I legally received sole custody of my child. 


In 2021, Presley was diagnosed with Spastic Diplegia Cerebral Palsy. This was the year I stepped away from being a teacher and committed to subbing in rural schools. This was also the year I completed my Nutrition Coaching Certification and published the children's book, "Me, You, and the NICU". 


In 2022, Presley was diagnosed with Autism and 2023, ADHD. Over these past 5 years of motherhood, I have taken my pain and alchemized it into my power. 


I have created and supported many fundraisers, and collaborations with incredible businesses including JPCH, Beads of Courage, Busy Ferns and more ... donated over 100 books to Jim Pattison Childrens Hospital, created NICU resources for families + so much more. I facilitated a photo project called the "My Little Preemie Project" where I celebrated NICU babies in Saskatchewan.

Paige naturally became an advocate and ally on social media platforms sharing her and her daughter's journey as they navigated the unexpected. 

In 2023, Paige started speaking and sharing her story. Paige shares about her eating disorder history, the NICU experience, navigating receiving diagnoses and ableism, empowerment and being a solo caregiver. Through speaking, Paige chose to elevate her knowledge and completed her Life Coaching Certificate through an IFC Accreditation Program. 

Now, I support individuals in moving from shame to being empowered in their unexpected circumstances as an empowerment coach. 


I share my story on my platforms and as a speaker at events so that others are inspired to take control of their lives and so they feel less alone. 

I'm incredibly proud of the work I've done so far and I cannot wait to continue to support families and the community. 


Coaching & Speaking

EVOLVE into a new version of you that is EMPOWERED

in your unexpected circumstances instead of being victimized by them.

Paige currently offers a variety of 1:1 Coaching Packages and one-hour "EMBRACE" calls.

1:1 Coaching Packages

- EVOLUTION - coaching to evolve into the new version of you that is empowered instead of victimized by unexpected circumstances

- NAVIGATING A DIAGNOSIS - coaching to support you in navigating receiving a diagnosis. Supporting you in unlearning about diagnoses, supporting you as you navigate the system, holding a safe space to feel through it all and empowering you to embrace your circumstances

- RE-DISCOVERING YOU - coaching to support you in re-discovering yourself and re-creating who you are to a more empowered, connected and authentic self outside of your role.

1:1 EMBRACE Call

This is a one-hour call to support you in embracing where you are at with a mindset reframe and an empowerment shift to feel more at ease in your reality 

Complete this form below to learn more & book a gifted consultation call with Paige.

LEARN and FEEL SEEN with Paige speaking or presenting at your event about disordered eating, the NICU experience, navigating diagnoses, ableism, empowerment and more.

Empowered Women 

Empower Women


Remind women everywhere that empowered women, empower women.

We truly rise when we support others.

Community > competition, always.

Me, You, and the NICU 
"A Story for My Little Preemie"


When a child starts life in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit), they look so little, so vulnerable. But with mom and medical professionals close by, soon fewer and fewer machines are beeping away. Before long, mother and child get to go home and start their life together outside of the hospital.

No one expects their child to end up in the NICU, and when they do it can be an isolating experience. This experience, still, gives them unexpected time together, in the quiet. This book celebrates those tender moments, acknowledging the fear while also embracing the beauty of every child who’s born into the world. It is a book of hopeful reflection, sharing the details of the NICU experience.

Author: Paige Bautz

Illustrator: Angela Gooliaff

Published 2022 with Friesen Press

Social Media Management

Paige supports businesses and individuals with Social Media Management. A custom package is created to suit your needs. Paige creates graphics, reels and content for Instagram and Facebook. Paige also engages with your community, handles DM and more. Fill out this form to chat with Paige about SMM.

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