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Gift a NICU family

All year round, you can purchase a BOOK and SOPHIA RAYNE BY PAIGE ONESIE to gift to a family in the NICU.

To support a NICU family and to gift them a relatable book and an adorable ONESIE, please click the button below. 

 You can add in other options as well to gift to the family.


Each donated book will come with a "This book was gifted by..." -with your purchase you are able to write a note to the family

and share your business and or family's name.

Please include notes in your order if you are planning on including a logo.

Thank you for supporting Paige in her mission to give more families a relatable story to share with their family and friends.

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The picture above is from the book, "Me, You, and the NICU" 

Presley and Paige spent 7 weeks at the NICU in Saskatoon in 2019. All characters in the book are based off of staff that supported Presley in the NICU. Names on the incubators are names of babies who were in the NICU when Presley was there.

Gift a nicu Supporters

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