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"Ableist language is unintentional, hurtful language—words and phrases that sting, slam, and injure." -The Savvy Red Pen

What are Examples of Ableist terms?

  • "Gosh, you are so STUPID."

  • "Can't you hear me? Aren't you DEAF?"

  • "That person must be RET@RDED."

  • "You're acting like a IDIOT."

  • "You must be CRAZY."

Why are these terms hurtful? "These terms have been used in the past to describe persons

with mental or physical disabilities. Using ableist terms both internalizes and uncovers our biases." - The Savvy Red Pen

Be Aware + Replace Ableist Language

  • Silly

  • Hilarious

  • Wild

  • Gross

  • Upset

  • Angry

  • Dangerous

  • Amazing

Replacing Ableist Language Examples:

  • Instead of: "You are acting CRAZY."

  • Use: "You are acting SILLY."

  • Instead of: "That is so LAME."

  • Use: "That is so BORING."

  • Instead of: "You are STUPID."

  • Use: "You are IGNORANT."

  • Instead of: "Are you DEAF?"

  • Use: "Can you HEAR me?"

  • Instead of: "That is so DUMB."

  • Use: That doesn't make sense."

Some information was sourced from VERY WELL MIND

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