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And Still, I Persist

Everyone has a battle that you know nothing about.

How many times have you felt like you were ready to break? Maybe you thought, this is the straw that is going to break my back. I have. I have thought this more than once... and yet, I continue to persist.

One thing about experiencing the NICU and having a Preemie taught me is the true meaning of persistence and resiliency. These little babes, tiny little preemies, are fighting for their lives daily. They are hooked up by cords. Alone in incubators. Surrounded by unfamiliar noises. And yet, with odds against them, they continue to fight for their lives.

Had I not seen how hard Presley fought to live in the NICU, I would not see persistence the same way. This has been my biggest learning experience with resiliency. I continue to persist because SHE continues to persist.

I am proud of you, yes, you, for continuing to persist.

Busy Ferns and I collaborated on a design "And Still, I Persist" to raise money for the Little Wonders Family Program and for Willow's therapy. This design was created to raise awareness for families with medical journeys or with disabilities.

Thank you for supporting Busy Ferns and I in our collaboration to raise awareness and funds for incredible littles fighting big battles. This design is available in t-shirts and sweaters up to XXXL and also CHILDREN'S SIZES.

You can purchase this collaboration with the link here.

Continue to move forward.


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