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collaborated together to create the design 
"AND STILL, I PERSIST" about the

resiliency of medical families,  and for everyone who has been through something and has continued forward. 

Busy Ferns is a local Saskatoon t-shirt and sweater brand that was started by a mama who has two Busy Fern(quist)s of her own. 
Busy Ferns strives on providing quality products that will allow you to show off your personality with both bold and minimal designs.

Paige Bautz X Busy Ferns have decided to donate a portion
of the funds from their collaboration, "And Still, I Persist" design 

to go towards the Little Wonders Family Program and to Willow's surgery in New York! 

Willow was born at 26 weeks, weighing a startling 1 pound 14 ounces. 
After going through so much already, Willow was diagnosed 
with Cerebral Palsy in October 2020.

Since then, a new battle has begun for this family. 

Willow is a bright and joyful 2 year old little girl. 

She receives ABM neuromovement sessions in the states and was recently referred for SPML surgery for her legs in New York.

Unfortunately these are not covered through health care and are out of pocket costs for her family.


This surgery will hopefully help Willow walk one day.

See my page on the Little Wonders Family Program to learn more about the Non-Profit in Saskatoon 

that connects and supports medical families.

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